Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Some awesome book trailers

Dear Blog,
I realised that I hadn't done a post with book trailers for a while (okay, months, my only other book trailer post was my second ever post, in which I mentioned a couple of favourites).  Which is a shame because book trailers are truly awesome things. 
Speaking of which:


I don't know why but I don't like the way Gemma looks in this one...Either way, that aside, if I saw this as an advert for a film, I'd be like, I must see this now!!!  Even though I've read the book it makes me feel sort of scared watching it. 

THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN by Susan Pfeffer (actually, this a trailer for all 3 Moon Crush novels)

*squeals in excitement* I can't wait to read this, even though I have to because I've run out of space on my bookcase, I'm skint, plus my TBR pile is epicly massive. 


I ordered a copy of this off Amazon the other day, but it hasn't arrived yet.  Meh.  Anyway, I love this trailer because a) it's pretty and b) the guitar music is wonderful and I want to find it somewhere.

ALONG FOR THE RIDE by Sarah Dessen

I know it looks really shallow, but kudos for the actual design. I bet it's probably easy but from the point of view of somebody who only makes little films about the universe on Windows Movie Maker, this is a piece of art.  And how do they get the writing to appear in all those different directions?


  1. Oh, I'll have to check out those Moon Crush books :)

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  3. AWESOME! Some of these could def be movie trailers! I just saw The Distant Hours and Being Jamie Baker trailers too. Hopefully these types of book trailers are catching on!


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