Saturday, 27 March 2010

In praise of book trailers

Dear Blog,
Entry no.2. Just spent about an hour trying to re-organize the layout, background colour and everything. No matter.
I'm currently on page 42 of The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, the epic tome that is the conclusion to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. It's been sat on my shelf since November and I've been saving it for a weekend where I have nothing to do and can just sit for hours reading. I suppose I'll do a full review when I've finished it (but with over 800 pages, that may be a while).

No, dear blog, today's subject is in fact Book Trailers. They rock my socks!
In case you haven't heard of them before,the clue's in the name really. They're like film previews but...for books!
My favourite is most likely for The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart by a French author whose name escapes me. Though I understand none of it, it's beautiful and they should release it as a single and music. It uses PUPPETS!

And my other favourite is for If I Stay by Gayle Forman (which I've heard they're making into a film). As with many other book trailers, it makes me want to rush out to Waterstones and buy the book.

*adds both books to Goodreads "To Read" shelf*
Oh well. All for now, dear blog. Over and out.

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