Blog Policies & Contact

Chances are if you're reading this, then you've found my blog.  Hello there. Welcome to my corner of the internet, in which I ramble about books and the general literary universe.

  Most of the books I've reviewed have been at least pretty good, but occasionally there are some I don't like. Sometimes, not at all. As yet the lowest rating I've ever given a book is 2.
Anyway, though I try to mention positive things even in books I'm not keen on, I need to be honest.

I suppose I'll read any and every genre of young adult fiction, but my favourite genres are historical fiction, contemporary and literary fiction, my least favourites being least favourite genres are horror, paranormal romance and religious fiction.  Also, I never review non-fiction on my blog.
These days, I read and review an increasing amout of adult fiction and classics, too, depending on where my current obsessions tastes take me.

Although I also review books I've bought or borrowed from the library,  I'm happy to accept books for review. Hardback, paperback, proof et cetera, are all great, but I can't accept e-books or audiobooks. 

As yet I haven't held any competitions and I don't expect to for the near future.  Even if I did I promise not to give out any e-mail adresses, names, etc. etc.  But don't leave surnames or anything on the comments section.     

I can be found in a variety of places across the internet, but at the moment none of them is a blog e-mail address. 
You can, however, leave a comment or send me a message via my Goodreads page.