Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Armchair BEA Interview: Mary Elizabeth of A Novel Idea

Dear Blog,
Day 2 of Armchair BEA.  AKA, Interview Day.  I'm interviewing Mary Elizabeth of A Novel Idea and Ten Thousand Hugs.  In the former she reviews a multitude of childrens books, and in the latter she blogs about all things motherhood.  Everybody, parents and teachers particularly, should check her blogs out.
So, well, here's my interview conducted as follows:

Why did you want to blog about children's books in particular?

I have four small children, I taught elementary school for five years. I love teaching and sharing children's literature with others!

What are your five favourite children's books?
The Red Balloon; Little House on the Prairie; Ramona Quimby, Age 8; The Invention of Hugo Cabret; The Series of Unfortunate Events (all 13 books)

What are your five favourite adult books?
Angela's Ashes; Man's Search for Meaning; Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh; Watership Down; I Will Bear Witness.

Would you rather be attacked by 12 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
Twelve duck-sized horses - how cute would that be??

What's the worst book you've ever read?
A Monk Swimming by Malachy McCourt, the brother of Frank McCourt. I read it because Frank McCourt is one of my favorite authors, and I discovered that Frank McCourt was definitely the writer in that family!

Have you been to the BEA before?
No. I hope to go someday, though!

What's your favourite thing about book blogging?
Sharing my love of books with others.

What was the last book you bought, borrowed from the library or got sent?
One Year to a Writing Life: Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer's Craft by Susan M. Tiberghien. My husband gave it to me for Mother's Day.

If you could travel back to one point in history anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to Paris on August 30, 1997, to stop Princess Diana from leaving her hotel and getting into that terrible car accident. The world lost one of the most incredible human beings when she died. One of my life's dreams was to meet her. She was a true princess.

Approximately how many books do you own?
Hundreds...maybe thousands.

Thanks muchly, Mary Elizabeth!  I've never interviewed anybody before so I'm very excited about this interview. I'm being interviewed by Felicia from Geeky Blogger's Book Blog (but at the time of posting she hasn't put it up yet). 

So, well, the Armchair BEA festivities continue.  Yay! 
I have to go and eat something resembling lunch now, alas.  Back later.


  1. Great Interview!

    That was a fantastic question about where in time would you go back too!

  2. Thanks, Tez!! I enjoyed being interviewed and loved your questions...especially the one about the duck-sized horses - LOL!!!

  3. I love Little House on the Prairie too! Thanks for the awesome interview!!

  4. Great interview!

    just found your blog after seeing your interview with Felicia. I need to start reading some Dessen books now.

  5. Finally have met someone who read "A Monk Swimming"! I seriously disliked that book also!

    Great interview!

  6. Lovely interview! Here's my posted interview of Valerie of Life is a Patchwork Quilt

  7. Your questions were great!! So glad you enjoyed this experience.

  8. Love the Little House books!!! I'm going to be doing a special post on the author early next week!! And, I love that you included Man's Search for Meaning! Fabulous, fabulous book!!


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