Saturday, 26 March 2011

One Year Blogoversary (eek!)

Dear blog,
This is a very strange post to write, because it means that Books And The Universe is, as of today, one year old.
When I started blogging last year, I  didn't really contemplate the fact that I would still be doing it now, that I would be awake equally late, still rambling incessantly  talking about books, as much as life seems to be getting in the way that the moment. 

In which I make a number 1 out of some books. 

 I guess, most of all- Thank you, readers.  You're out there somewhere and you're awesome for putting up with me and listening.  The blogosphere is a winning place and huge fun to be a part of.  For one thing, it's always there when I can't sleep, and has opened me up to a whole other aspect of teenage fiction.  Without reading other blogs I probably would never have come across some of my favourite books.  Most of all, blogging  reminds me why I love reading.  Simple as.

I had better use this opportunity to ask- do you have any suggestions for the blog? Is there too much of something? Too little?  Et cetera.  I'll leave that to you.

Well, there you go.  I'm off to finish re-reading Notre-Dame de Paris now.  Over and out.


  1. WOW! Congratulations on one year! ^_^ Hope for many more years!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you are one day older than my blog, which turns one tomorrow. And yes, great minds think alike, I used books to make one too! But the word ONE, so visit me tomorrow when I celebrate mine too!!
    Keep on going, the best years are ahead of us I am sure.


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