Friday, 19 November 2010

Ten More Books I Absolutely Can't Wait For

Dear Blog,
because now and again every blogger needs to make a list of all the books they are just dying to posess.
So, in no particular order-

Where She Went by Gayle Forman- If you haven't discovered the amazingness of If I Stay you haven't missed out on a pretty good read so much as one of the most fantastic YA novels of 2009.  And since I heard that there was going to be a sequel I've been drifting about in a state of happy delirium.  Apparently this is going to be set three years after the events of If I Stay, and it's told from Adam's perspective.  The girl on the front cover intrigues me.  Is it Mia? Or some other girl who we are yet to meet?  The mind boggles and I fangirl flail in anticipation. 
Passion by Lauren Kate- because Fallen and Torment were pretty good reads, and it will be interesting to see how things conclude after the big build-up to things in Torment. 
Forever by Maggie Stiefvater- Because who isn't eagerly anticipating the third instalment to the Wolves of Mercy Falls novels? As with Torment it will be interesting to see how things end up for the wolves. 
Corsets and Clockwork: 13 Steampunk Romances by Various Authors- Because my inner steampunk has been showing herself of late I've been in search of some good steampunk fiction of late.  Also being a fan of short stories at the moment, this anthology seems like a good place to start.  Plus the cover is utterly gorgeous, if you haven't noticed.
Across the Universe by Beth Revis- I don't know if you've seen the cover for this, dear blog, but if you have then surely that's reason enough to want to get a hold of  it.  Plus it's set in the future, in a spaceship, and claims to have romance, mystery and suspense.  What else does a girl need in a book?
Delirium by Lauren Oliver- Lauren Oliver.  Writing dystopia.  Need I say more?!  I have a little countdown clock on the sidebar of this blog so I can just spend hours absorbed in watching the minutes tick by until I can read it.  Which is just proof of how little a life I have, dear blog. 
The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher- Another dystopian novel.  The moment I saw this mentioned on the blog I Swim For Oceans, I've wanted to read it.  The world is in crisis and life is in short pretty suckish for mankind- at least that is as far as the protagonist knows, until they meet someone who completely transforms their word view.  In that respect, it sounds like a pretty typical dystopia, but it's one of those formulas that I don't mind because there are always different ways of working around the norm.  It hasn't quite got that tired yet.  At least not to me.
Entangled by Cat Clarke- It's kind of hard for me to describe what it is about this book that intrigues me so much.  I think it's just, well, the plot sounds intriguing, is all.  I haven't read a novel like this in a while, and if the reviews on Goodreads are anything to go by, then it doesn't disappoint. 
But I Love Him by Amanda Grace/Mandy Hubbard- Admittedly I tend to stay away from scary abuse novels, but I'm currently in the depths of writing a Lit fic novel about consciousness and other deep, rambling things that a teenage girl probably knows next to nothing about but has opinions on anyway.  Strangely, wondering so deep into the depths of the human mind is actually making contemporary, earth-like things seem almost like relief.  A welcome injection of reality, a reminder that people have problems both bigger and smaller than just being a figment of someone's imagination.  If any of that makes sense.  Which probably to a sane person it doesn't.
Clarity by Kim Harrington-  In three words, it looks: Magical.  Mysterious.  Enthralling.
Posession by Elana Johnson- There's a theme running through this somewhat, dear blog.  In case you haven't spotted it then the recurring theme is sinister dystopian novels with beautiful covers that look like they radiate awesome.  Well, with reason, I think.

Well, that's it.  Everyone always says that you should live in the now, but how can you when the release of books like these is just around the corner?

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  1. Aw, I'm so glad you think of my book as sinister with a beautiful cover! That's how I think of it too. :)


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